Tremendous yields benefit retailers and nurseries
Moisture Mizer™ helps retailers and nurseries control cost, improve yield, expand product lines, and increase customer loyalty.

To be competitive in today's business environment, being able to reduce and control costs, improve yields, expand product lines, and increase customer loyalty are essential in price control and vital to the growth of the retail garden center and the nursery.

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Moisture Mizer™ helps retail garden centers and nurseries control costs.
By increasing water efficiency, cost savings are realized from a reduction in water consumption. A reduction in product loss by extending the shelf life of your plants reduces reordering.

Improved propagation yields retailer garden centers and nurseries maintain profitability
By accelerating the germination period and increasing the rate of germination through improved root systems and optimum moisture levels, retail garden centers and nurseries realize greater yield from their propagating efforts. Improved germination and propagation efforts result in greater price control and profitability.

Moisture Mizer™ is a natural addition to product offerings.
Your customers need Moisture Mizer™ to help increase plant survival during droughts and intermittent rain fall, decrease water consumption and costs, and protect against transplant shock.

Moisture Mizer™ helps retailers and nurseries improve customer loyalty.
Satisfied customers are repeat customers. As customers recognize the wonderful results when you include Moisture Mizer™ in your products and services, they will remember and will return for more great gardening experiences.