Up to eighty percent of the water plants, crops, or a garden receives is lost to evaorpation or leaching into the water table.

Moisture Mizer™ is a simple safe soil moisture management solution specifically formulated to provide your plants with optimum moisture levels. Without Moisture Mizer™, as much as eighty percent much of the water you supply seeps beyond the reach of the roots of your plants and or evaporates. Moisture Mizer™ retains up to 400 times its weight in water and makes it available to the roots of your plants and flowers on demand...read more

Increase your blossoms, fruit, and foliage up by up to 50%
consistent adequate water supply from Moisture Mizer™  provides

There is a direct correlation in blossom, fruit, and foliage growth to the quality and consistency of water and nutrients available. Size and quality in growth varies with the variation of water and nutrients over time and over the gardening area. Water or nutrient depravation during the growth cycles greatly effects the size and quality of your blossoms, fruits and foilage. Consistent adequate water supply from Moisture Mizer™  provides you plants and crops foilage...read more

Increase root mass and improve germination
consistent moisture levels promote more uniform and fully developed root mass

Roots grow towards the water available. Soils naturally drain unevenly leaving areas in the potential root zone with less water than others, limiting root development. Moisture Mizer™ maintains more consistent moisture levels in the root zone promoting more uniform and full root mass...read more

Nutrients and water available on demand
stores up to 400 times its weight in water and 15 percent its weight in fertilizer and releasing them slowly.

Water and nutrient demand of plants, vegetables, and flowers varies. So when you water or fertilize without Moisture Mizer™, water or fertilizer not used within a very short period of time evaporates or leaches into the soil.

Moisture Mizer™ absorbs and retains water and fertilizer in the root zone. Roots grow to and draw water and fertilizer when the plant needs....read more

Reduce transplant shock
Moisture Mizer™ keeps roots moist reducing transplant shock

Plants are not designed to be moved around. There are a few steps that can help you prevent transplant shock. First, always take as much if not the whole root mass. Secondly, keeping the soil at moisture levels adequate to meet fluctuating demands by the plant is one of the most important precautions you can take. Thirdly, and most importantly is keeping the roots moist between plantings....read more

A better system, better results
soil movement during shrink and swell cycles increases aeration and drainage

Aeration of the soil is important to support living and breathing plants and organisms in the soil that need oxygen.

Moisture Mizer™ expands to absorb water increasing aeration and improving drainage...read more

Increase fruit and vegetables from your garden
crop yield is directly related to availability and consistency of water and nuitrients

How important is water to fruit and vegetables? Consider this. Generally 90-96% of a vegetable and 80-90% of a fruit is water. Vital to the physiological process, water is necessary to transport nutrients and chemicals throughout the vegetable cells and membranes...read more

Uniform soil moisture levels promote more evenly sized fruit and vegetables
Moisture Mizer™ helps regulate moisture levels in your garden or farm

The varying size in crop yield is related to the varying moisture and nutrient levels available. Maintaining uniform moisture levels over large areas can be a challenge....read more

Reduce the effects of frost damage
immediately available water to thawed plants can reduce effects of frost damage

Plants often will begin to thaw before the surface of the soil. This makes getting adequate moisture to the roots challenging. However, with Moisture Mizer™ already in the soil, water will be readily available to meet the recovering plants demands for water to survive...read more

Reduce how often and how much water and fertilizer you use
Moisture Mizer™ saves you time and money

Since more water and fertilizer are retained in the root mass area for a longer period of time when using Moisture Mizer™, the frequency of which you have to water and/or fertilize will decrease, saving you money and time...read more


This five day side-by-side comparison demonstrates that with <span class="moisture">Moisture</span> <span class="mizer">Mizer</span>&#8482;       added to the soil, your plants are healthier between watering cycles.

Increase plant survival between waterings
That’s a vacation or a business trip. Wouldn’t you feel better. Your plant will.

Imagine being able to go out of town for a few days and not have to worry about having a someone come water your plants every day.

This five day side-by-side comparison demonstrates that with Moisture Mizer™


What are they?
How do they work?
Superabsorbents is a material capable of absorbing hundreds of times their weight in water

A superabsorbent is a material that acts like a super-sponge, absorbing and storing hundreds of times its weight in plant available water, releasing it to the plant on demand.

As water is drawn into the particles each particle will expand to over thirty times its original volume. As water is used by the plant, the material shrinks, returning to the unswollen state. When water is again added, the material will re-swell absorbing the water as described previously.

This shrinking and swelling cycle promotes aeration and drainage, a key element in developing healthy soil.

Superabsorbents remain effective through thousands of shrink-swell cycles and remain effective for several years. ...read more


Benefits of using Moisture Mizer™ in commercial and industrial applications are:
  • cost reduction
  • increased plant survival
  • germination accleration
  • improved root system
  • even moisture coverage
  • customer satisfaction
Moisture Mizer™ is used in the following applications:
Moisture Mizer™ is used by nurseries and retailers
  • propagating
  • potted plants
  • increase plant survival
  • reduce transplant shock
  • double plant shelf life
  • dry root shipping
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Moisture Mizer™ is used for grounds maintenance, commercial landscaping


Dear Moisture Mizer

"We are very satisfied with the results. Since we started using Moisture Mizer™ the new sod roots faster and with less shock than previous projects. An added bonus is our water consumption is reduced by approximately 35% over the sodded areas.

We have also used Moisture Mizer™ successfully in preparing seed beds and flower gardens. I have been impressed with the germination rate achieved with your product." ...read more

Joseph E. Anderson TSgt.
Grounds Foreman
Luke AFB. AZ.

Miles in Canada reports producing over 50 thousand pounds of cucumbers on six acres

Miles in Canada reports,

“With your product, Moisture Mizer™, we produced over 50 thousand pounds of cucumbers on six acres.”...read more

Environmentally Friendly Garnder

Moisture Mizer™ is for any gardener, farmer, landscaper, or nurser concerned about the environment and wants to lower their environmental impact.

Moisture Mizer™is an environmentally friendly product that:

  • promotes water conservation
    by decreasing the number of watering cycles to maintain healthy plants

  • promotes cleaner ground water
    by increasing fertilizer efficiency reduces frequency and quantity of fertilizer required and reduces leaching

  • is biodegradable
    reducing to a natural base material results in no residual effects to the soil or ground water

Moisture Mizer is easy to use

Whether applied as dry or wet media, Moisture Mizer™ is easy and safe for virtually any gardener from the novice to professional landscaper to use and achieve wonderful results in the garden, in the greenhouse, on the farm, where ever.


From the applications listed below, select the one that most suits your purposes. Refer to the recommended measurements in the chart to determine the how much Moisture Mizer™ to use. Then mix according to the instructions and apply.


Listed below are among the most popular methods of applying super absorbants.

Amending media:
for bedding flats, potted plants...

Gel seeding:
for gel seeding applications mix with water and pre-germinated seeds....

mixed with the mulch, water, seed, and other additives to promote and speed germination...

broadcast over an area to be seeded to enhance moisture retention, promote emergence, and increase germination...

Citrus applications:
used to treat resets, to increase survival and to reduce watering requirements....

Bare root dipping:
reduces cost and increases survival rate for bare root shipping....

Available grain sizes

Fine: (< 1mm) bare root dipping

Small: (1mm) fine potting soils, containers, hydroseeding, and gardens

Medium: (1 mm to 2 mm) trees, shrubs, containers, flower beds, hanging baskets, gardens.

Large: (2mm to 4 mm) large containers, caliper trees 2 inches and greater, and large shrubs